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Being a Church School

St Michael's C of E First School is part of the parish of Minehead


We are very fortunate to have two churches within walking distance of the school and we use both regularly and they play a key role in our school's life.


Every Thursday the whole school visits St Andrew's Church, to participate in whole school collective worship.  Local residents will be familiar with the sight of St Michael's children, in their uniforms walking to church.  All children love attending the Thursday church services and truly being part of the church community.

When there is a religious celebration such as Christmas and Easter all the children at St Michael's C of E First School visit St Michael's Church to participate. 

All children have fond memories of both churches whether it's learning a new song of worship at St Andrew's or participating in the Nativity at St Michael's.

Father Simon, plays a pivotal part in bringing the church and school together and is a well-respected member of the school community.  Father Simon takes part in many of the school celebrations, including collective worship at St Andrew's Church.

Father Simon is also the Chair of Governors at St Michael's C of E First School and is actively involved in the strategic management. Several members of the St Michael's and St Andrew's congregation are also actively involved in the school.