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As members of a church school we are moral agents, and our Christian values lie at the heart of the school's vision of itself, within and as part of the community.
Our relationships with the children and each other, in the care and respect we give and receive, sets the terms of reference for our daily lives. Our school community is a place where pupils can find acceptance for themselves as unique individuals and where forgiveness and the opportunity to start again is fundamental to the ethos of the school.

We have strong links with the Parish of Minehead and other local Church Groups. School and the Parish are well informed of each other's activities. The Parish of Minehead has a Vicar who was appointed in August 2015. The Vicar or the Curate takes Collective Worship most weeks, as does a Minister of the Baptist Church. Joint activities are run.
We know and value each child as an individual within the context of their family circumstances and thus we are able to support them holistically.

Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools Report July 2015

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of St Michael’s First School as a Church of England school are outstanding…
                                “Explicit Christian values make a significant contribution to the school environment in which children and their families are supported as part of a nurturing community. Pupils express their views and opinions confidently in an atmosphere of trust and respect. There are close relationships between the school and local churches giving the community opportunities to work together for the benefit of both”
The school, through its distinctive Christian character, is outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners…
                                “The school’s Christian values help pupils to understand what it means to have faith and the importance of treating each other with kindness. This makes an important contribution to the way that the school community is committed to helping others less fortunate than themselves and the strong support for a range of charities”
The impact of collective worship on the school community is outstanding…
                                “Collective worship is outstanding because clear links between worship themes and the children’s work in their learning means that the impact of the worship messages extends to all areas of school life and beyond. Collective worship includes specific elements that make it a distinct time in the school day.”
The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the school as a church school is outstanding…
                                “The school’s leaders and managers articulate the school’s distinctively Christian vision exceptionally well because they have a shared understanding of how it can best serve the needs of children and families in this community. This is clearly articulated and informs the direction the school takes when strategic decisions are made. This is particularly evident in the emphasis given to encouraging pupils to appreciate the importance of social justice and forgiveness as set within a Christian understanding.”