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Our Local School Council

St Michael's Church of England First School is part of West Somerset Academies Trust.  

In September 2020 our Local Governing Body joined with Old Cleeve C of E First School LGB. In December 2021 St Michael's and Old Cleeve formed their own separate school councils.

Register of Declared Interests 20-21

Register of Declared Interests 21-22




Headteacher:  Alexandra Butler

Chair of Governors:  Rev Simon Robinson - safeguarding governor 

Clerk: Helen Hatfield 

The Governors' term of office is for 4 years.                  

Tel:    (01643) 702759                             




St Michaels C of E First Schools Local School Council: 


Mr Rob Lakin - CEO - invited** 

Ms Alexandra Butler - Headteacher St Michael's

Rev Simon Robinson (Chair) - Foundation                                      04/09/20 - 03/09/24

Mrs  Carole Pearse - Foundation                                                    15/1/21 - 14/01/25

Mr Harry Singer - Parent Elected                                               12/05/21 - 11/05/25

Ms Claire Bradshaw - Staff Elected                                            14/02/22 - 13/02/26

Mr Colin Hirons - Staff Elected                                                  14/02/22 - 13/02/26

Mrs Carolyn Sewell - Parent Elected                                          15/02/22 - 14/02/25


Andy Kingston-James - Link Trustee 




Ingo Gasperini - Parent governor resigned 27/11/20

Mr Stephane Millar - Parent Elected Governor resigned 01/02/21

Mr Keith Hunt - Associate Member/ EYFS 30/04/2020 - **resigned 13/01/21

Mrs Sonia Watters - Board Appointed 04/07/20 - **resigned 30/6/21

Meet the Governors  

Simon Robinson (Chair of Governors)

Simon is both a teacher and a priest. He spent twenty three years teaching in Bristol and London and was a Headteacher for nearly fourteen years. Simon was ordained in 2012 whilst still a Headteacher. He loves living and working in Minehead and has been involved with our school since he arrived. Simon is currently the Chair of the Local Governing Body and is happy to hear from parents and carers at any time.



Harry Singer -Parent Governor

Harry is managing director and owner of Singer Instruments, manufacturing robotics to accelerate global biological research. He has a doctorate in Quantum Chaos from UCL. He is the chairman of two charities, including the Steam Coast Trail. Harry has two children who are currently at St Michael's School, and volunteers in the management of the school pool. In his spare time he surfs and plays the ukulele. Pretty badly!

Carolyn Sewell -Parent Governor 

As a parent of two children attending the school, I have a vested interest in ensuring that they, and every other child attending the school, have the very best experience of school to start them on their way in life.

I realise the importance of communication and interaction between parents and school and therefore welcome this opportunity to be involved with the improvement and monitoring of the continuing development of St Michael’s First School.

I have a 20 year admin career behind me and hope to be able to offer my skills to the LSC.  I will enjoy the challenge of this post and feel pleased to contribute my time to the school community.

Colin Hirons - Staff Elected Governor

I have been a teacher locally for over 20 years and have had a close link to St Michael's for over 15 years.  As a parent of 2 children who have both been to the school and now being in the privileged position of being a teacher at St Michael's, I feel really honoured to be part of the future developments of the school and its continued provision of  high quality education to the local community.

St Michael's LSC Attendance for Meetings held 2021-22

** moved to Old Cleeve LSC 12/2021

 AttendedOut of a possible 
Rob Lakin (CEO)12
Alex Butler (Head - St Michael's) 22
Simon Robinson - CHAIR 12
Jane Bellamy  (Link Trustee Old Cleeve)22
Carole Pearse22
Harry Singer02
Andy Kingston James (Link Trustee invited)  02
Claire Bradshaw11
Colin Hirons11
Carolyn Sewell11
Emma Murch (Head |Old Cleeve)11*
Sam Horn 11*
Carole (Mag) Hatton11*
Duncan Copper11*
Richard Higgins11*
St Michael's LGB Sept 2018 - April 2020  

Name of Governor

Type of Governor

Date of Appointment

Janine Donovan



Jane Bellamy



Geoff Lloyd

Ex officio


Resigned as trustee 31/08/2019

Rev. Simon Robinson



Carole Pearse



Ingo Gasperini



resigned 05/11/20

Paul Rushforth

Ex officio


Sonia Watters



Barbara O'Keefe





Old Cleeve/St Michael's LGB Attendance at Governors Meetings 2020-21




Simon Robinson - CHAIR YYYXY
Carole (Mag) HattonYYYXX
Duncan CopperYYYYX
Stephane Millar**YX///
Keith Hunt**XX///
Janine Donovan (Head)YYYYY
Paul Rushforth (CEO)YYYYX
Richard HigginsYYYYX
Jane BellamyYXYYY
Ingo Gasperini**N



Carole PearseXYYYY
Sonia WattersXXXN/
Karen Mills Bown YYYYY
Charlotte Taylor YYY//
Sam Horn //// 
Harry Singer //YY