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What is Numicon?

Numicon is a fantastic resource for helping children with their core number work. It develops mathematical fluency by using a visual, practical base to develop conceptual understanding and fluent recall.


Numicon uses different coloured tiles to represent each of the numbers from 1 to 10. This helps to give children a concrete concept of what each number actually is - for example they can see, in their mind's eye, that '5': is a red tile with five holes, it has an odd number of holes, it is smaller than a ten but larger than a 1... this image helps with so many of the basic facts about number.


We use Numicon to help us with all aspects of maths. The tiles fit together to help with addition, can be laid over each other to represent take away and difference, can be grouped for repeated addition and multiplication and can be used to represent fractions of numbers for division. We even use them for measuring lengths and weights!


The children get really excited about using Numicon in school, and we have found that their increased confidence with numbers has had a positive impact on their overall enjoyment of Maths.