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Welcome from Mr Colin Hirons - Attendance Lead


Welcome to our Attendance pages. We hope that the information we share is both of interest and use.


Let's begin by addressing the simple but vital issue of why school attendance is so important. 

Being in school is important to your child’s achievement, wellbeing, and wider development. Evidence shows that the pupils with the highest attendance throughout their time in school gain the best results. Research found that pupils who performed better both at the end of primary and secondary school missed fewer days than those who didn’t perform as well.



Being around teachers and friends in a school or college environment is the best way for pupils to learn and reach their potential. Time in school also keeps children safe and provides access to extra-curricular opportunities and pastoral care.  



Every moment in school counts, and days missed add up quickly. For example, a child in Year 4 who is absent for three days over a half term could miss 15 lessons in total.  The higher a pupil’s attendance, the more they are likely to learn, and the better they are likely to perform in exams and formal assessments.  


That’s why school attendance is so important and why our school is committed to tackling the issues that might cause some children to miss school unnecessarily.

If there is any further advice, guidance, support or information you require, we are always more than happy to help.

St. Michael's CofE First School - Attendance Data 2023-24


Whole School Attendance 

Autumn Terms 1&2 - 2023-24Spring Terms 3&4 - 2023-24Summer Terms 5&6 - 2023-24
w/e Friday 15th Dec'2395.2%w/e Friday 5th Jan'2494.7%w/e Friday 19th Apr'2496.3%
w/e Friday 8th Dec'2393.9%w/e Friday 12th Jan'2496%w/e Friday 26th Apr'2495.3%
w/e Friday 1st Dec'2393.9%w/e Friday 19th Jan'2496.3%w/e Friday 3rd May'2492%
w/e Friday 24th Nov'2392.6%w/e Friday 26th Jan'2491%w/e Friday 10th May'2490.2%
w/e Friday 17th Nov'2394.1%w/e Friday 2nd Feb'2494.5%w/e Friday 17th May'2488.2%
w/e Friday 10th Nov'2396.9%w/e Friday 9th Feb'2494.8%w/e Friday 24th May'2486.2%
w/e Friday 3rd Nov'2398%w/e Friday 23rd Feb'2495.6%w/e Friday 7th Jun'2491.6%
w/e Friday 20th Oct'2394.6%w/e Friday 1st Mar'2493.7%w/e Friday 14th Jun'2496.7%
w/e Friday 13th Oct'2396.6%w/e Friday 8th Mar'2494.1%w/e Friday 21st Jun'2495%
w/e Friday 6th Oct'2394.4%w/e Friday 15th Mar'2494.3%w/e Friday 28th Jun'2495.6%
w/e Friday 29th Sep'2395.7%w/e Friday 22nd Mar'2494.2%w/e Friday 5th Jul'2495.6%
w/e Friday 22nd Sep'2397.7%w/e Friday 29th Mar'2493.8%w/e Friday 12th Jul'2495.3%
w/e Friday 15th Sep'2398.1%  w/e Friday 19th Jul'2496.1%
w/e Friday 8th Sep'2396.3%  w/e Friday 26th Jul'24TBC
Terms 1&2 Average95.6%Terms 3&4 Average94.4%Terms 5&6 AverageTBC



Attendance at St Michael's CofE First School


Percentage Attendance


Days missed in the yearLessons missed in a yearWhat does this mean?
97% - 100% Excellent Attendance - all pupils should aim to be in this groupUp to 5 daysUp to 25
  • Recognition through school reward systems
96% - 96.9%Expected Attendance, within Government targetsUp to 7 daysUp to 35
  • Improved attendance also recognised
94% - 95.9%Falling Below Expected AttendanceUp to 11.5 daysUp to 57
  • Falling below expected attendance 
  • It falls below school and government targets
  • School will work with parents to support improved attendance, through the WSEP Attendance Concerns Pathway. 
90.1% - 93.9%Below Expected Attendance – risk of underachievement increases as attendance falls Up to 18 daysUp to 90
  • Below expected attendance - the risk underachievement increases the risk of underachievement.
  • It falls below school and government targets.
  • School will work with parents to support improved attendance, through the WSEP Attendance Concerns Pathway and may seek to involve external agencies. 
90% or belowAttendance below this level is classed as Persistent Absence and will seriously increase the risk of underachievement 19 days or more95 or more
  • Attendance at or below this level is classed as Persistence Absence and will seriously increase the risk of underachievement.
  • School will seek to involve external agencies including the Education Welfare Service.


Attendance Expectations & Procedures


The school must:

  • Record attendance of each pupil for both morning and afternoon sessions

  • Follow up absences and identify authorised/unauthorised absences 

  • Ensure any safeguarding actions are taken


The parents must:

  • Ensure their children attend school on time each day

  • Inform the school of any reasons for a child’s absence on the first day of absence and each day there after until their child returns

  • Avoid taking any holidays in term time


Attendance procedures at St Michael's CofE First School

  • The school day begins at 8.50am and electronic registers are taken between 8:50am and 9.00am and at the start of the afternoon session each day

  • Any pupil arriving between 9:01 and 9:05 am will be marked as late

  • Any pupils not present after this time will be marked as 'late after registers close'

  • All late pupils need to report to the school office and sign in

  • The office must be notified of any absence before 9am

  • If an absence is not reported the school office will contact the parents/guardians from 9:15am onwards

  • All attendance calls are recorded

  • Where there are safeguarding concerns, the attendance call is logged onto CPOMs

  • Pupil attendance is monitored weekly


Staff Roles – all staff in school act as role models to the children and should have excellent attendance and punctuality themselves.

  • Headteacher and school administration ensures registration procedures, monitoring of attendance and punctuality, clear record keeping, parent letters and referrals to appropriate staff/Education Welfare Officer are made.

  • Class teachers promote good habits of attendance. They will remind pupils and speak to parents regarding any concerns in the first instance. They will also communicate concerns via CPOMs

  • Middle/senior leaders incorporate teaching about good attendance into regular assemblies. Mike the Mammoth is awarded to the class with the best attendance of the week. At the end of each half term children who have attendance that is 97% or above receive certificates.  Children with 100% at the end of each term are invited to have high tea with the Headteacher

  • Pupil progress meetings are held each half term with class teachers and senior leaders. Any child with attendance concerns is raised at this meeting and appropriate actions put in place.

  • Any child with attendance concerns are recorded onto CPOMs 

  • Senior leaders, the CEO and governors monitor the schools attendance data and look for any specific patterns or concerns so that appropriate actions can be taken.

  • Headteacher signs any requests for leave of absence and makes the decision to authorise absences if there are exceptional circumstances.

Monitoring Attendance

As part of our monitoring of attendance we conduct regular attendance audits. If we are concerned about your child’s attendance and the percentage drops to 90% or below we will contact you for an informal discussion about this and explore the reasons that are preventing your child from attending well. There are occasions when we will seek that support of the EWO (education welfare officer) if we are unable to resolve poor attendance and where we are concerned that poor attendance is a barrier to good educational outcomes.