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St. Michael's Design & Technology Curriculum


At St. Michael's, it is our intent that Design & Technology is an inspiring, practical subject which encourages children to use their imagination and creativity to solve real life problems. It is our aim that children will gain a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science, computing and art. Children will follow the process from planning to developing and finally evaluating their work. By evaluating past and present technology, children will develop an understanding of the impact of design on our daily lives and on the wider world. We hope they will be inspired to become the designers,  engineers,  food scientists, architects and craftspeople of the future.

St. Michael's Design & Technology Curriculum - 2023-24



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Yr.R Continued practice of joining skills to make cards    
Yr.1Closely linked to our learning about Humans and our senses, we will be learning about fruit and vegetables, learning how to prepare them to make our very own smoothies!  Making 2D moving pictures using slides and levers.   
Yr.2 Teaching about exploring, designing, making and evaluating their own emergency vehicles.  During this topic the children will learn about wheels, axles and how different materials can be used for different purposes.  Their end produce will be an emergency vehicle inspired by our History topic of The Great Fire of London. Teaching about puppets.  Exploring a variety of puppets and how they are made.  Focus on designing, making and evaluating their own textile hand puppet after investigating the best ways to join the fabric and make it appealing to a specific audience.  
Yr.3  Linking to our topics of Rocks we will be looking at and building our own levers and pulleys.  We will also link to our topic of Rivers and try to create our own boats to carry small weights.   
Yr.4Focusing on eating seasonally. We will link this to our Geography lessons and look at where in the world our food comes from and make Japanese fruit skewers. We will then focus on British seasonal foods and make a seasonal fruit crumble. Learning the health benefits of fruit and vegetables, using our knowledge to plan a fruit/vegetable tart. Our final lesson will involve the children making their seasonal tart. Electrical systems. Learning about electrical items and how they work. We will then analyse and evaluate electrical products. We will design a product to fit a set of specific user needs. Finally, we will make and evaluate the torch to use on our ‘explorer’ adventure.