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Hello and welcome to Squirrel Class web page.

Squirrels are a Year 1 class taught by Mrs Louise Parfitt and supported by Mrs Claire Howe and Miss Jaeger O'Sullivan.


Mrs Louise Parfitt

Mrs Claire Howe

Miss Jaeger O'Sullivan


What is it like in Year 1?


In Year 1 we support children to develop their social and emotional skills, when children feel safe and happy they are more motivated and ready to learn.


Children are encouraged to have a go, mistakes are celebrated as part of the learning process and we encourage children to support their peers.


In Year 1, we offer a range of practical, hands-on learning activities, drawing and building on children’s experiences, to support their learning.


Sessions usually start with a whole class learning input, children then take part in a focused learning activity working with an adult or independently, they are challenged to apply their new knowledge and skills, Whether working with an adult or not, children are offered provision that supports everyone to access the curriculum.

Our Curriculum

In Year 1 we offer a continuous provision based approach.  The purpose of continuous provision is to offer children a constant environment that is safe for them to explore whilst challenging their learning and development across all areas of the curriculum.. It allows children the freedom to explore and become independent in making choices, while supporting children in becoming active learners.  Within continuous provision children are able to explore the environment and develop independence.  It allows children to make choices and initiate their own play. 


Each session starts with a whole class learning input, children then either take part in a focus group working with an adult, or they work in a 'shadow group' to complete a task designated by an adult, or the children choose their own learning through continuous provision.

In Squirrel Class we recognise that every child is a wonderfully unique individual.  We are proud and privileged to play a part in helping them to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams.  We believe that all children have the ability to achieve their aspirations through developing a 'can do' attitude and a growth mind-set through engaging in a stimulating and challenging learning environment.  Our aim within this is for the children to become confident, resilient and self-assured learners who are proud of theirs, and others achievements. 


Within the classroom we have Maths, English, RE and Wider Curriculum working walls, as well as an English, Phonics and Maths creative station.  Each area has been designed to help scaffold the children's learning and to ensure that all learners are challenged to suit their individual needs.  We also have a reading chart on which daily reading at home is recorded and rewarded.



At St Michael's C of E First School we use the phonics scheme Read, Write Inc. To find out more about Phonics at St Michaels', how to support your child and information about the Phonics Screening please follow the link.

Year 1 Common Exception Words

All children are expected to know and spell the Year 1 Common Exception words by the end of Year 1.


Year 1 Expectations and Parent Partnership

In order to help your child reach their full potential please support them with these four key areas at home: 


Reading - Children should read every night for 15 minutes to an adult. Any reading should be recorded in the reading log book.

Maths - Marvin the Maths monkey will be choosing 1 person from Squirrel Class to come home with every weekend to learn and practice Maths skills.

Homework - Activities are sent home every Tuesday, to be brought back to school by the following Monday.  They will focus on objectives taught in class to consolidate the children's learning, as well as spelling activities which will focus on Year 1 common exception words.


Wherever possible, please encourage your child to have a go at new concepts and challenges as this will develop their growth mindset.


Parent Support Pack

Useful Links

Here is a list of useful websites to use at home. 

These links will take you to sites which are full of games and activities to help your child with their learning.

Have fun!




Phonics and spelling:

Phonics Play:



Maths games for all areas of learning:


TT Rock Stars - supporting with times tables:



Supporting spelling, grammar and punctuation:


Online Safety:

A website to support you and your child with staying safe online and while using the Internet:


An online safety resource for young children.  A story about being responsible online, focusing on cyberbullying.


Search engines suitable for young children to use: