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Vision & Values

Our Christian Vision - as designed by our pupilsSt. Michael's Christian Vision & Values

At St. Michael's Church of England First School, we want all children to live their lives to the fullest - regardless of background or starting points - we want all children, staff and the wider community to flourish. We place our trust in God to help us achieve our full potential in all aspects of life. Our strong Christian vision is based on John 10:10: I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness. The verse comes in the context of Jesus' teaching his followers that he, Jesus, is the Good Shepherd; the image is of the shepherd who knows his flock well, and whose voice the sheep recognise, who has the best interest of the sheep at hear. The shepherd wants them all to flourish - to live a full and varied life.


We aim to provide a first-class education for all children at St Michael’s First School, so that they flourish in everything they attempt and are able to live life to the fullest. Underpinning all our work are our core Christian values: Love, Integrity, Respect, Service, Perseverance and Appreciation.



Our Vision Display - July 2023

This image has been created by local artist, Elizabeth Blustin. It was based on ideas created by the children, in workshops, following on from a special Collective Worship in which Rev. Kenneth talked to the children about our School Vision. This image is displayed (approx. 4ft wide by 6ft high) outside of the main Reception, so that it can be seen immediately upon entering school, thereby celebrating our status as a Church of England School. 


  • Enabling all pupils to flourish and achieve their academic potential (Wisdom, Knowledge & Skills)
  • Encouraging all pupils to stretch themselves spiritually, morally, intellectually, imaginatively and actively, and to aspire to be well-educated (Hope & Aspiration)
  • Growing together in community (Community & Living Well Together)
  • Valuing the ultimate worth of each individual pupil (Dignity & Respect)


The school has a set of core Christian values that firmly link with our vision.  The values support all children in the school to live out our vision through their learning and relationships in school.

St. Michael's - The Good Shepherd - by Rev. K Cross - March'23

Our Christian Values in Action

For each of our Christian values the children have created an action, a simple action they can show to communicate to one another they value they are living out or which they recognise in others.