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St. Michael's PSHE Curriculum

Research shows that there is a link between a pupil’s wellbeing and positive mental health and academic achievement.  Therefore, at St. Michael's, we believe Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education is a vital part of our children’s education. In this technologically ever–changing world, it is our intent that when our pupils leave our school they will have high self-esteem, the ability to talk about their feelings, an understanding of consent, respect for themselves and others, and know what positive relationships look and feel like.  In addition, we want them to value and respect differences between themselves and others. We also hope that our children are confident, resilient and happy, and have been equipped with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions to keep themselves safe.  We use the SCARF scheme to support our teaching of PSHE including Relationships and Sex Education.

We teach PSHE in a discrete weekly session and we follow the SCARF PSHE program, which is a whole school approach that provides a scheme of learning from the foundation stage into to Key Stage 2.  


SCARF, standing for Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship is mapped to the PSHE Association programmes of study. It is centred on a values based, ‘Growth Mindset’ approach and is divided into six half- termly units. The units are tailored to each year group under the following themes: 


  1. Me & My Relationships
  2. Valuing Difference
  3. Keeping Myself Safe
  4. Rights & Responsibilities
  5. Being My Best
  6. Growing & Changing / RSE 


Children explore these strands year-on-year, building a toolkit of strategies and knowledge which they apply in scenario-based lessons, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and practise the skills in a safe and caring environment.  These six units run in tandem with our school values which are Love, Integrity, Respect, Service, Perseverance and Appreciation


Every teacher has access to SCARF online resources which include lesson plans and additional resources for use/amendment. As well as using the SCARF scheme, we also implement and place high importance on themed weeks or days, such as ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ or “World Mental Health Day”.   Whilst always full of fun, they promote important messages about health, safety and wellbeing.  ​​​​​​​

Yr.R - PSHE Curriculum Overview 



Yr.1 - PSHE Curriculum Overview 



Yr.2 - PSHE Curriculum Overview 



Yr.3 - PSHE Curriculum Overview 


Yr.4 - PSHE Curriculum Overview