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Trustees & PCG

St Michael's Church of England First School is part of Beacon Education.

In December 2021 St Michael's formed a Local School Council (replacing the Local Governing Body).
In September 2022 we formed a Parent Community Group (PCG) and an Academic Improvement Board (AIB).

St Michael's CofE First School Parent Community Group (PCG)


Chair: Mr Richard Smith - Headteacher

Clerk: Mrs Helen Hatfield       
Tel: (01643) 702759    


Members 2023-24

Carole Pearse - Community Rep 09/22

Carolyn Sewell - Parent Elected 09/22
Amy Hadley - Parent Elected 09/22
Denise Hopkinson - Parent co-opted 09/23
Toby Eveleigh - Parent Co-opted 09/23
Louise Parfitt - Staff Rep 09/23
Steven Hall - Parent Co-opted - resigned 1/2/23
Lizzie Blustin - Parent Co-opted - resigned September 2023
Joshua Purkis - Parent Elected 09/22 ***resigned 09/23
Jane Bellamy - Invited Trustee

School Trustees



Mrs Alison Appleyard


Mrs Jane Bellamy


Scheme of Delegation

PCG Meetings Attendance 2023-24 
 attended/out of a possible 
Richard Smith (Head)2/2
Jane Bellamy  (Link Trustee Old Cleeve)2/2
Carole Pearse1/2
Carolyn Sewell1/2
Amy Hadley2/2
Louise Parfitt2/2
Toby Eveleigh1/2
Denise Hopkinson1/2

St Michael's PCG Attendance for Meetings held 2022/23


 AttendedOut of a possible 
Alex Butler (Head 1/9/22 - 31/12/22)  11*
Richard Smith (Head 1/1/23 ...)11
Jane Bellamy  (Link Trustee Old Cleeve)12
Carole Pearse12
Carolyn Sewell12
Amy Hadley22
Joshua Purkis22
Lizzie Blustin22
Steven Hall 11*

St Michael's LSC Attendance for Meetings held 2021-22

** moved to Old Cleeve LSC 12/2021

 AttendedOut of a possible 
Rob Lakin (CEO)23
Alex Butler (Head - St Michael's) 33
Simon Robinson - CHAIR 13
Jane Bellamy  (Link Trustee Old Cleeve)33
Carole Pearse33
Harry Singer03
Andy Kingston James (Link Trustee invited)  13
Claire Bradshaw23
Colin Hirons13
Carolyn Sewell22
Emma Murch (Head |Old Cleeve)11*
Sam Horn 11*
Carole (Mag) Hatton11*
Duncan Copper11*
Richard Higgins11*

Register of Declared Interests 20-21

Register of Declared Interests 21-22